jan-baudat“Thank you so much for helping me get started with your Accountant’s Accelerator program. I’m working on the Irresistable Accounting Services Book and have read about halfway. I’ll be working on my core values and then the packages within a week or two. It’s a lot of work but so necessary and it is giving me the guidance I really need to get my business to the next level and beyond! You are a God-send!”

Jan Baudat

mary-buzzeo“I am so impressed with the quality of your webinars and other materials. I started my QBO/bookkeeping practice only a few months ago and I was becoming completely overwhelmed with the marketing aspect of my business. It has been such a relief to have access to your materials. I feel like I have obtained an entire marketing education over the past few weeks. You offer great insight and advice which I am already putting into practice. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate having you as a resource!”

Mary E. Buzzeo

liliane-larsen“Really enjoyed the first webinar. So very helpful and I am inspired.”

Liliane Larsen

erin-l-verespy“I just wanted to say thank you for a great webinar today on packaging. I have talked about doing this for a while, but I could never fully grasp the details and the how. Your examples were eye opening for me and really gave me the kick in the pants I need to finally go ahead and start offering this in my practice.

You are a gem in this profession.

Thanks again.”

Erin L Verespy

joel-berman“One of your best webinars, wish it could have been longer. Got a lot out of it, but know I will need additional help on these issues. Much learned by me!”

Joel Berman

bill-maslo“I always enjoy everything you are connected with”

Bill Maslo

shawn-mcbride“Sandi Leyva really gets it. She gets the accountant’s pain and understands the difficulty of marketing an accounting firm. She really connects with her audience and makes sure that they get valuable resources to help them do the things that they need to do. You’ll be amazed by Sandi’s knowledge of the accounting world and how she can help others get to the level that they need to get to, to do the things they want to do with their companies and with their lives.”

R. Shawn McBride

michelle-cornish“Sandi Smith Leyva is an accounting-marketing genius. Her marketing programs for accountants and bookkeepers are truly innovative and unique. In my ninth month as a sole practitioner, I was desperate for clients and, much to my disappointment, ready to seek employment elsewhere. Then I discovered Accountant’s Accelerator and Jump Start. Both programs provided me with the support I needed to continue with my practice. The programs offer me the flexibility to be able to work on them at my own pace but also the opportunity to participate in live webinars and have my questions answered on the spot by Sandi. The Jump Start program gave me the confidence I needed to host my own presentations with each presentation gaining me at least one new contact. I am now in my eighteenth month of business thanks to Sandi’s programs.

Since joining Jump Start and Accountant’s Accelerator, I have also purchased an Accelerator website and Biz Boost News. I was impressed with how quickly my website was up and running (about a week). Thanks to Sandi’s SEO skills, within one week of my new site going live, I received an email from the contact form on my site. This is something that didn’t happen in the entire year I had my old site. I can’t wait to see what other leads I get from my fantastic new website. I have incorporated Biz Boost News into my website and the process couldn’t have been easier. Sandi’s articles are applicable to any small or medium-sized business and the fact that they are professionally written for me saves me tons of time so I can focus on my clients.

The customer service I have received from Sandi and her team is second to none. My questions are always answered promptly and I’m never left wondering if they received my email. Even though Accountant’s Accelerator is an exceptional marketing program, Sandi is constantly coming up new webinars focused on current issues in the accounting world, making AA even better. Thank you, Sandi, for having such an amazing line of products and services especially for accountants!”

Michelle Cornish, CGA

julie-babcock-hyde“The biggest changes I made in my business was adding a team and determining where we want to focus our growth based on the revenue models Sandi taught early in the course. This has enabled me to delegate work, serve more clients, and focus on higher value work. In addition, more carefully focusing our growth and being willing to add seasonal help has led to more off-busy-season streams of revenue that enables us to flatten the workload out and hopefully maintain a lower level of craziness in busy season than we were headed towards before.”

Julie Babcock-Hyde CPA, PLLC

ali-maloy“I joined the Accountant’s Accelerator 2013 program because I felt like I needed some direction in how to go about growing my accounting and bookkeeping business. Wow, did I ever find it! The program has helped me in so many ways – it’s become much more clear to me what I need to do and what I don’t need to do. The tools and resources provided as part of the program are worth the cost of the program alone – but you also get tons of great advice and direction – including specific action plans for a variety of business-building activities – direct from Sandi Smith Leyva. Going through the Accountant’s Accelerator program has given me the confidence I needed to grow my business – and the evidence is right there on the top of my income statement. My revenues have doubled since I entered the program.”

Ali Maloy, CPA
Maloy Accounting

suzanne-w-conrad“I first found Sandi Smith on the QuickBooks ProAdvisor web page in 2010, my first tax season with my own firm. I bought her book, 5 Steps to Get More Clients, because I only had 5 and needed some and liked that it was written by a CPA. I got great information from the book that helped me define who I wanted to serve and my message and my practice grew.

I went on to hire Sandi for one on one coaching for a month before tax season in 2011. Within a week after implementing some simple guidance from her first call I was able to sign up a high 4 figure client that I had been trying to bring on for a while. She has also helped me clarify my staffing needs and hiring process, improve my time management, learn how to improve my marketing systems and much much more. Because of Sandi’s help I was able to triple my gross revenues from 2010-2011 and expect to do the same in 2012.

Sandi’s CPA and QuickBooks background, degree in neuroscience, and experience in the accounting field are a rare combination and makes her uniquely qualified to help accountants start and/or grow their business beyond what they think is possible. I highly recommend her.”

Suzanne W. Conrad

rhonda-rosand“This has been an incredible journey for me. I started eight (8) months late with the 2012 Accelerator program and had to play catch up with the recorded sessions, complete the 5 Simple Steps and the P3: Pricing, Packaging and Positioning for Powerful Marketing Results. I was then able to continue on into the 2013 Accelerator program. I’ve been able to make significant financial gains in my business, not only for myself, but for my employees and my clients and I have improved the quality of my personal life. It could not get much better than that!”

Rhonda Rosand, CPA

ba-jones“I was amazed to see how much progress I’ve made this year. The numbers are beautiful. Yes, I attribute the lion’s share of this growth to the strides I’ve made by following the guidance in Accountants’ Accelerator! I have been surprised lately to realize I am coming home earlier. This is especially because I’m also going in later. And I’m not doing client work on the weekends. Hmmm… It is absolutely incredible to realize I am making more money while working less, both at the same time!”

BA Jones, CPA

scott-sander“Sandi is always on the leading edge of practice management – systems, technology, marketing, and time management. I have learned lots from her on all fronts. Most impressive to me is her knowledge about technology. I have often been referred to as a computer geek (and proudly wear that badge) because I have been paperless, cloud based and have been running a virtual office since 2004, but I look like I am in Kindergarten compared to Sandi! In the past year and a half, Sandi has introduced me to several accounting and technology tools that have improved my firm’s project management (nothing slips through the cracks) and have helped me offer new accounting system alternatives that none of my competitors offer.

I have also began to utilize skills learned from Sandi for marketing presentations to prospects that differentiate me from my competition, and time management skills that are beginning to allow me to be more effective during the day and to concentrate on marketing.

I HIGHLY recommend Sandi and the Accountant’s Accelerator Program!”

Scott Sander, CPA

hubert-mcintosh-ea“Since getting involved with you through 5 Simple Steps and the Accelerator Program, we are charging 3 to 4 times more and GUESS WHAT, the CLIENTS are paying and NOT complaining. Words cannot describe the success rate in just a couple of months since the call. We have clients requesting and signing up Monthly Consultation including in their Accounting and Tax Agreement. Sandi Smith – YOU ROCK!” Hubert MCINTOSH EA, Since getting involved with you through 5 Simple Steps and the Accelerator Program, we are charging 3 to 4 times more and GUESS WHAT, the CLIENTS are paying and NOT complaining. Words cannot describe the success rate in just a couple of months since the call. We have clients requesting and signing up Monthly Consultation including in their Accounting and Tax Agreement. Sandi Smith – YOU ROCK!”

Hubert McIntosh, EA

leah-walsh“The Accountant Accelerator program has been vital to my ability to grow and prosper in my accounting practice. The most measurable specific technique I employed, early in January of this year, was a price increase. There was no pushback whatsoever from the clients, and the overall average percentage increase in revenue was 61%! I was elated with the results and the ability to have an actual metric to focus on for improvement ratios. It also increased my confidence and reinforced my feeling of worth.

The advice and education provided through a variety of delivery methods has made a huge impact on me and my confidence to build my business! I have created a solid network of colleagues and coaches that are always willing to share their wealth of knowledge in order to help me succeed. I am eternally grateful to Sandi Smith and the Accountants Accelerator program for increasing my level of knowledge, marketing capabilities, confidence, and practice management skills.”

laura-sabbagh“I can’t say enough great things about you and your Accountant’s Accelerator program. I have implemented so many things that have helped me with my marketing and my website, as well as other areas of my business. I always look forward to your calls where you answers questions, review websites and look at marketing materials of everyone else in the program. It’s so helpful! Thanks, Sandi!”

Laura Sabbagh, CPA

steve_dworschakYou’re a breath of fresh air for the accounting industry

Steve Dworchaks, CPA

cheryl-j-mccarthy-ea“Your ideas and wording are very helpful. It is truly amazing how quickly you come up with such great wording. I really feel your program has been a great motivator for me and my practice.”

Cheryl J. McCarthy, E.A., Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

jeff-cecchini“I joined Sandi Smith’s Accountant’$ Accelerator program about ½ way through. Since each session is recorded and downloadable (along with the materials), I really didn’t miss out. I have learned so much from the program and have received more value from the course than it cost me.

Sandi understands accountants, how we’re made up, and the nature of our industry. She uses this understanding us to approach us in effective ways, enabling and guiding us to achieve greater success in areas that we are typically not comfortable in: sales, marketing, and pricing; developing our value in new ways.

Each session, Sandi was very generous with specific, immediately useful information that I implemented to quickly affect change in my company. This program covers a very complete spectrum of what accountants need to start a new practice or to develop their existing one. I highly recommend the Accountant’$ Accelerator program. I’ll be referring back to this material for years to come.”

Jeff Cecchini, CEO

jill-frillman“I’ve grown and my business has grown in many ways by implementing many of Sandi’s suggestions. I have never asked a client for a testimonial. With Sandi’s sample email I set out to contact many old and current clients. The response I got not only boosted my self-esteem but one of our past clients called to re-engage in our services. I implemented packages in my proposals this year. Because of these packages I have signed contracts for higher revenue than I would have in the past. I’ve also gained new clients where I may not have if it wasn’t for the package. Hiring two new team members was not something I thought I would do going into this program. Hiring them both has freed me up so much. Thanks to the Elite program and everything Sandi has taught me. I am now working 50% less in my business and using that time to work on my business.”

alana-bryant-cpa“When I first heard Sandi mention “Offer packages to your clients”, I was a little skeptical. My first thought was “I’m going to lose my shirt that way. Doesn’t she know that the economy is bad?” Nevertheless, I decided to give it the “old college try” and began offering packages last month. Today, I signed up another new client for Quickbooks setup and training. During our phone conversation, I asked “How did you hear about us? What made you decide to choose our services?” She responded that I was the only one that offered packages with detailed explanations of the services provided. Everyone else responded with the traditional one sentence answer “I charge X dollars and hour”. This really made my day! In just a short time, I feel like I’ve gained so much momentum by following this program.”

Alana Bryant, CPA, Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

“Thanks so much for your 2011 Accountant Accelerator class. I learned so much that I immediately signed up for the 2012 class. My business presentation is much more professional after all of your advice and coaching – my website, my added newsletter, the way I present my product to my clients, and just my confidence in selling myself. Not only did you provide great content , you were accessible for questions, gave us homework to complete and actually critiqued it, and presented the class to us in a way that made it easy for us to choose “our personal way” to market. Your teaching skill are wonderful – you don’t tell us what to do – you help guide us into making our own decisions. When we have the choice of how to market our product – we are much more motivated to do the marketing. Thanks so much for provided us with all this great content.”

Cherri Rapp, Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor

am-klatzkin“Hey, thanks for the program. I felt I was too far along for this but I can tell you it was what I needed AND I need more. I’m going to sign up for ongoing participation. You kick me out of my comfort zone and that makes you the Partner I need in my firm!”

A. M. Klatzkin, CPA

wanda“My income is up 25% over last year. I attribute part of that increase to things I learned in Accountant’s Accelerator. Accountant’s Accelerator is a friendly, open dialogue environment. Sandi answered whatever questions anyone asks. She has a system but does not force us into her mold. She was able to give me enough examples so that I could adapt my personality into her system.”

Wanda Schebel

neilia-brown“Sandi Smith Levya and her Accountants Accelerator program have completely changed the way I think about doing business. To say this is a transformational program for small business owners is an understatement. Whether you’re just starting out or are ready to expand your practice, Sandi has the knowledge, expertise and real-life experience to provide you with the tools you’ll need to take your business to the next level. Thanks to Sandi, I now think like a small business owner, rather than a self-employed contractor. I now have the tools to reduce price resistance when speaking with a potential client. I have a clearer vision for how I want my practice to grow and the confidence that comes with having trained with a Master. Sandi delivers exceptional value for your money and I recommend her without reservation, and with first-hand knowledge that to enroll in one of her programs is to take advantage of an extraordinary opportunity you won’t find anywhere else.”

$149 for access through December 31, 2019